Happy Anniversary: A Gift

Today marks the two-year anniversary of my blog and to commemorate, I’ve decided to mark this day with a series of posts (praise the Lord for delayed publishing).

The first is an anniversary gift of sorts. A gift in the sense that I’m giving you something and not expecting anything in return, and “of sorts” in the sense that I should be the one receiving gifts, not giving them. Not that I’m looking for gifts; it’s just a blog.

I digress. I’ve recently discovered a musician by the name of Phil Wickham and have absolutely fallen in love with his work. All of his music earns the title “worship music” and should probably be played in churches all over the world. His melodies are stunning and his lyrics are profound and Biblical. He recently recorded a live album that he’s now put on the interweb, available for free downloading. All you need is an email address and a zip code, and my new favorite cd can be yours as well.

Happy Anniversary.

4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary: A Gift

  1. Dave Barnes is his name. His friend is Matt Wertz. Both friends of Jeremy Cowart and Ed Cash.

    The future will probably hold tales of the mission field; it’s going to be a huge tool for when I finally move overseas (a ministry multiplier, maybe?). I’m also going to have google meet all my contacting-supporters needs as well.

    The internet is so awesome.

  2. Oh you are very welcome, my friend. I think I’m coming up to potsdam sometime at the end of September. I’ll keep you updated. I miss you!

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