In honor of learning how to make my own Memphis-style barbecue I’ve found an educational video that should help:


In other news, my brain no longer feels like it’s yelling at itself. The story behind it may have to wait until September, when I’m no longer working 60-hour weeks.

7 thoughts on “BBQ

  1. Just a thought…….maybe your brain screams cuz you waste time on the interweb looking for videos like this…..instead’ you should be looking for birthday gifts for me!!!
    Love, Daddy

  2. So you’re crazy busy and yet you have time to ‘stumble’ (just to be the tiniest bit gracious, lol) upon such videos as these? My goodness!

    BTW After not having your cell number for 6mo or so (phone swaps, etc) you might want to email me, so I can give you a random ring now and again.

    Love you!

  3. I wasn’t spending time on the interweb looking for ridiculous videos about barbecue. You can’t just assume that because I posted it here, I “found” it without any assistance.

  4. I love your video..very funny!

    Maybe you have to live in the Adirondacks to find the humor!

    Being a girl from the south….even though Florida isn’t a southern state….I love it!

    Happy birthday, Daddy of Christina!

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