30 before 30

My roommates and I have all started a 30 thing to do before we turn 30 list. Here is mine, in no particular order:

  1. spend a whole day reading a great novel
  2. learn to ballroom dance properly
  3. learn another language fluently
  4. go on an overnight camping trip
  5. make an entire outfit for someone else
  6. see a pro sporting event in each major sport
  7. go to a vineyard
  8. learn to tie a bow tie
  9. visit Nashville
  10. scuba dive again
  11. give blood
  12. come up with a favorite movie list
  13. go to a national conference
  14. host a themed dinner party
  15. visit the 5 biggest cities in the US
  16. travel to Africa
  17. hike an Adirondack high peak
  18. get a real massage
  19. finish reading all the Sherlock Holmes stories
  20. publish a book
  21. play a hockey game with full pads
  22. see The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway
  23. see the northern lights
  24. ask a stranger if I can take their picture
  25. see a ballet
  26. learn to ride a horse
  27. sell a photograph
  28. make my own Memphis-style barbecue
  29. go to Boston in the fall
  30. produce a full-length album

I start working on it immediately and I hope to knock off a few this summer. My plan is to post about them all as I finish them, complete with pictures. Keep your eyes peeled.

2 thoughts on “30 before 30

  1. Yeah for Memphis BBQ! I hope you come visit and eat some BBQ, then make it. The secret is the rub they put on the rib. They call it dry rib (no sauce, just rub.) I need sauce!!

  2. #11 – There is a blood drive this week/weekend? in Piseco!! I think it’s Saturday.

    #13 – Join us at DG Nat’l Conf. Sept. 26-28. (Unless that’s when you’re going to Africa?)

    #5- I’ll email you my measurements. There’s no way I’m posting them here!

    #3 – I hear Rosetta Stone language programs are great.

    30×30 is great. Too bad I passed the marker years ago. Maybe 5×40 is more my speed.

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