Not Dave Barnes

I must say that I’m pretty excited about posting something musically related and not talk about Dave Barnes.

I stumbled upon a new independent artist named Jeff Caylor last week and was fairly impressed with his work. His music is only 70% up my alley, but where my self-interest is lacking, his blog and visual creativity make up for it. Knowing a bit about the business, I decided to support him and haven’t been disappointed. In fact, my CDs came in the mail today with a bit of extra love and it completely made my day. Thanks Jeff!

Besides for his handwritten charm, another reason to support this guy is because Christianity Today says so. They’ve tagged this album the 5th best of 2007.

And here’s his first music video. He made it himself with sculpey and his point-and-shoot. It’s awesome.

So check out Jeff’s site, there’s tons of awesomely-nerdy sound engineering stuff that’ll keep you from your responsibilities around your home; and good music.

4 thoughts on “Not Dave Barnes

  1. Hey Christina! Thanks for all the nice things you said. Glad the package arrived intact.

    Only 70% though? Dang.

    We’re in the studio recording new stuff this week. I have a feeling my next project will be at least 80 or 81%.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Yeah, I had a feeling you’d read that and I’d have to explain.

    I do love the album. I love that even though some of your stuff is sampled, you display great musicianship. You have a great gift in songwriting and your lyrics are refreshingly solid. I’m listening to the album as I type this.

    The other 30% isn’t really explainable. Nor would it be profitable to you if I could explain it. I don’t have any authority or desire to review albums. Even if I did, this is one of those “it’s not you; it’s me” type-of situations.

    I will say, however, that your visual creativity and seeing your personality come through via your blog make up that lost 30%, plus more. I ultimately decided to support you because I saw that you weren’t all talk. Plus I love the album. Seriously.

    Enjoy your weekend too!

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