Shakespeare is Everywhere

Most of us learned about Shakespeare in our high school English classes. You may have read through some of his works and maybe even acted them out. My high school English class liked cliff’s notes so we never really read anything cool. Instead, my teacher gave us a list of words he coined.

Most people don’t realize what sort of effect that man had on the English language. Here are some words accredited to him:

  • accused
  • backing
  • bedroom
  • bump
  • champion
  • dawn
  • eyeball
  • gossip
  • jaded
  • marketable
  • submerge
  • worthless

Not only do we use some of his words on a daily basis, but some of his phrases:

  • It’s Greek to me
  • vanished into thin air
  • green-eyed jealousy
  • tongue-tied
  • in a pickle
  • seen better days
  • high time
  • the long and short of it
  • the game is up
  • foul play
  • good riddance
  • dead as a door-nail
  • for goodness’ sake
  • what the dickens

So while you’re accusing your marketable eyeball-backing of championing the jaded gossip of your submerged, worthless bedroom-bump at dawn, remember that its green-eyed jealousy has found itself in a pickle and that Shakespeare shouldn’t be all Greek to you.

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