You Won’t Need SCUBA Gear

Did your mother ever say to you, “if you don’t stop playing with your toy like that, it will break and you won’t have a toy anymore?” My mom said that to us all the time; followed up with “and I won’t be buying you a new one.”

Well, the grown-up version of that warning came true today when my car broke. A few months ago, I had a friend check out a new sound in my car and was told, “I’m not mechanic so I can’t be sure, but your water pump may be going bad.” He was right, my water pump broke today and my car overheated and stalled out on a stretch of road with no cell service. For those of you who have the priveledge of being able to drive everywhere with cell service, please take a moment to let this sink in.

I am a stranded female in the middle of nowhere without any contact to the outside world.

I was defeated, utterly defeated. And a bit overdramatic, I suppose. Eventually, I let the engine cool down a bit and I was on my way. I thought I was being smart by travelling to the nearest friend’s house instead of all the way home, but upon arrival I recieved a firm talking-to for driving it so far under such conditions. I could’ve completely destroyed my engine.

So I sit here tonight grateful for friends who love me enough to drop everything and drive me home, grateful for a job that allows me to walk to work, and incredibly grateful for the gifts of stories that keep this blog going. And semi-cheap repairs; it looks like a new pump will set me back about $40. I’ll have to walk to NAPA on Monday to get one, which will probably ensue an other “adventure” post. Keep your eyes peeled.

Here is my car at my friends’ house in Wells. Not the deep thing in the ground that holds water, the town.

17 thoughts on “You Won’t Need SCUBA Gear

  1. I hate to say it, but if you didn’t move away from home I would have diagnosed your car’s trouble AND fixed the problem before it broke down……yet another benefit to staying at home…….Love, Dad

  2. Your Daddy is right……and look at him… He 46 and still lives with his Mom and Dad…. Love you miss lots…. Mom

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