Around the World in Two Minutes

Living with Tumaini has been incredibly encouraging and challenging. Very rarely is it challenging in the i-hate-your-stinkin’-guts way; it’s mostly challenging in the i-love-your-heart-can-i-be-just-like-you way.

Right now, we’ve got two maps hanging in our room; a world map and a map of the USA. One day, while gazing at the globe on our wall, she says to me, “It’s my goal to know all the countries of the world and where they are.” Mainly, because her heart truly lies in the nations of the world and what the Lord is doing through missions, but secondarily because that sort of knowledge would be really cool. At least to me.

So I seconded her statement and made it my own.

I found a blank map so we could practice filling it in (I gave up much sooner that she did the first time around) and I found this game:

I highly recommend playing; it’s educational and incredibly addicting. Tumaini and I will sometimes sit at our perspective computers and race to see who could get the highest score in the shortest amount of time. She always wins.

So my dear friend, when you get around to reading this post, this is for you:

Let’s start memorizing this right away.

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