Delaware – people do live there

Now that I’m living in NY and meeting new people all the time, I often hear “You’re the first person I’ve ever met from Delaware.” I’ve even had a friend tell me that he and his buddies used to joke around that they would never meet anyone from Delaware because no one lives there. Well, I’m here to tell you that people do indeed live in Delaware.


  • Population estimates by the Census Bureau for 2005 place the population of Delaware at 843,524. Despite ranking 45th in population, it is the seventh most densely populated state, with a population density of 320 more people per square mile than the national average, ranking ahead of states such as Florida, California, and Texas. (Wikipedia)
  • Delaware was the first state to ratify the federal Constitution — December 7, 1787, becoming the first state in the Union. And because of this, according to “Delaware Facts” (from State of Delaware Web page), Delaware is given the first position in such national events as presidential inaugurations. The delegates met at the Golden Fleece Inn on the Green in Dover. (from Smithsonian Guide, p. 380) (UD Website)
  • Delaware is 96 miles long and ranges from 9 to 35 miles across, totaling 1,954 square miles and making it the second-smallest state in the United States after Rhode Island. (Wikipedia)
  • The gross state product of Delaware in 2003 was $49 billion. The per capita personal income was $34,199, ranking 9th in the nation. In 2005, the average weekly wage was $937, ranking 7th in the nation.[17]
  • Delaware’s agricultural output consists of poultry, nursery stock, soybeans, dairy products and corn. Its industrial outputs include chemical products, processed foods, paper products, and rubber and plastic products. Delaware’s economy generally outperforms the national economy of the United States. The state’s largest employers are:
  1. government (State of Delaware, New Castle County)
  2. education (University of Delaware)
  3. chemical and pharmaceutical companies (E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.,[18] Syngenta, AstraZeneca, and Hercules, Inc.)
  4. banking (Bank of America, Wilmington Trust, First USA / Bank One / JPMorgan Chase, AIG, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Barclays plc)
  5. automotive manufacturing (General Motors, Chrysler)
  6. farming, specifically chicken farming in Sussex County (Perdue Farms, Mountaire Farms) (Wikipedia)
  • According to a survey by the National Science Foundation, Delaware has more doctoral-level (Ph.D.) scientists and engineers, as a percentage of the population, than any other state. Delaware also has a higher rate of patent awards, per person, than any other state. (from State of Delaware Web page, Economic Development) (UD Website)
  • The Mason-Dixon Line forms the state’s western and southern borders. By the way, Delaware’s border with Maryland runs through two towns, the names of which were created by combining the names of the two states: Marydel and Delmar. (from Frommer’s, p. 153 and “Delaware,” World Book Encyclopedia, p. 97) (UD Website)
  • In 1880, the first beauty contest in the United States was held in Rehoboth Beach. Thomas Edison was one of the three judges in this contest, called the “Miss United States” contest. This contest is considered to be the foreunner of the Miss America pageant. (from Frommer’s, p. 154 and “Delaware,” World Book Encyclopedia, p. 97) (UD Website)
  • Delaware is one of only five states having no sales tax. The others are: Alaska, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. (from Book of the States, p. 262) (UD Website)

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