Endeavor – to try hard to achieve or do something

So, some of you may have noticed, some of you may have not, but notice now: you can now find this blog at http://www.notalocal.com!!!

Some of you may be saying to youself, “what the heck? I soo typed in http://www.notalocal.wordpress.com.” Fear not, confused ones, my friends at WordPress have updated, forwarded, relinked everything. Even your RSS will continue to work. And to that I say, “woohoo.”

Also, after many, many steps I’ve finally got a long-lasting, official-forever (hopefully) email address. Thanks to my friends at Google* I can now be reached at Christina@notalocal.com, which means I’ll finally have my full name off the web! Well, almost; I’m getting there.

So I was talking to my roommate, blurting out some nonsense about how I’m now an established, official blogger and she says to me, “You know this means you have to post something every day, right?” While I disagree, I suppose I’ll give it a shot. Everything within me wants to rebel against such a structure, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen. I just read somewhere that professional bloggers are having heart issues from the stress of blogging. A blogging-induced heart attack will not be my demise.

*Being a rebel at heart, I often like to fight for the little guys. At great pains, I have just recently switched all of my stuff over to Google and haven’t been disappointed. There is a reason that Google runs the world; they’re really good at what they do.

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