Theme Song

Ok, I have a friend who likes putting new words to old tunes and often writes songs about people he knows. Not wanting to be left out, I asked/persuaded him to write one for me. It’s set to the tune of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, and I’ve put a video of the song below so you will remember the tune. Enjoy!

My friend Christina, do you know her?
She works at CAMP-of-the-WOODS
She is kind, she is nice, and extremely pretty
A snappy dresser
She often is seen with a fancy camera
Clicking and snapping pictures
And posting them on the website

Or perhaps putting them in fliers
And mailing them out
To all of the guests here at camp
To let them know what is new and improved

But there are some days
Where the camera she carries becomes a curse
Like when I get back from the Kunjamuk
And she points her camera at me

Don’t take my picture Christina!
The truth is that I look awful
My hair is windswept
There’s dirt on my nose
I need to shower
and change my clothes

But then the camera clicks
And there’s a flash
It’s too late, Christina has won
Maybe it will be in the Go Forth slideshow
Or in a brochure
A nice little CD for CAMP-of-the-WOODS

But one day
She’ll pick up from here and go overseas
To Africa, where she can rejoin her heart

(music crescendos)

There stands my hero Christina!
Who cares about the camera?
Her soul is gorgeous
Her smile can melt us
The point I’m making?
She shines like Jesus.

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