A Legacy

When I first moved to Speculator years ago, I had the pleasure of moving in with Camp Tapawingo’s newest director.

I was nervous.

It’s not every day that you have the privilege of moving in with someone respectable and godly enough to hold that sort of position; director of an all-girls Christian camp. I didn’t want to mess up.

Over the months, living with this amazing woman broke down many barriers in my heart. Her constant desire to be my friend, and all-consuming love for the Lord taught me so much about life. Amidst all the lessons I was learning that first year out of college and being truly away from everything I had ever called home, some of the biggest lessons I learned were in her failures.

The first few weeks of living here, I had built up this ideal of perfectionism in my mind and she just happened to be living with me. Now, I knew she wasn’t perfect, but my actions and thoughts spoke differently. I was living the lie that she was, and that was to be my example to follow.

I really don’t remember when I came to the realization that she wasn’t perfect but when I finally did, I came to appreciate my roommate even more. She was and is who she says she is; a sinner saved by grace, trying to please the Lord in all that she does. She has done so much for me, but the biggest gift she had given me was her example. Through that example, I have learned that my life needs to be lived without masks, it needs to be lived plainly for all to see, and that a heart for the Lord can be the most contagious thing ever.

So, now that my dear friend is moving away, I thought it appropriate to share this. And if I give all the credit of these lessons and her character to her, she’ll kill me.

So, Miss Angie, I truly do thank the Lord for the work He’s done in your life. In observing His sanctifying power in your life, He has also taken the time to mold me towards Christ-likeness. And that is a legacy that will not be forgotten.

I promise to pray for you and Mike (see here and here) as you brave The Great White North for the first time together, and I doubly promise to come visit.


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