What I’ve been up to

So I had that ridiculously long vacation a week ago and was planning on blogging a ton, but didn’t. Instead, I:

  • Created my own pattern and sewed together a purse (it came out awful, but with some pattern-adjusting, round 2 should be excellent)
  • Once again, came up with a pattern and made a skirt for Easter Sunday (this came out fantastic, but the fabric holds a wrinkle very well, so it’ll need to be ironed frequently)
  • Made cupcakes for Easter Sunday dinner, complete with fondant icing (store-bought fondant is awful, I made mine from scratch, see below)
  • Got my haircut by someone other than my mom
  • Played a new favorite game with some of my new favorite people
  • Slept in ’til 9 am every day (except for Easter Sunday, I was up at 5)

Then, I went back to work and immediately got sick. Figures. Since then, I’ve had a friend in town and I’ve had to prepare for and execute a retreat weekend for mothers and daughters.

This is why this blog has been neglected. I will neither apologize or recognize fault for said neglect. It’s my blog, I make the rules.


5 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to

  1. You forgot to include your memorable night with our three kiddos in the list!

    The cupcake looks amazing! Can’t wait to talk to you about Chesterton’s Thursday book. Thanks for getting me interested in his writing! (I’ve used three exclamation points in my comment – kind of excessive)

  2. Lisa, I didn’t forget, I was just pressed for time when I typed this up this morning. I actually almost stopped by tonight, but it would’ve put me at Amy & Keith’s later than I had hoped. I have something for you. I’m excited that you want to talk about the book, I’ve been waiting for someone to to talk to about it.

    Barb, are we on for dinner tomorrow (tuesday) night?

  3. Hey Christina! I am soooo sorry that I forgot about dinner tonight! You can come over. We aren’t doing anything and will be home! So come down if you like! We would love to have you!

    Tonight is Macaela’s turn to cook!!

    Send me an email or I will check back here!

    It has been one of those weeks…and this weeks is ONLY beginning!

    Love you, Girl!

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