So Lisa, Barb, Tracy, Cassi, etc.

I know you’re all wondering when Part 3 will grace you with it’s cyber-presence. I’m working on it, but I’ve caught a bit of a cold and all of my thought processes and energies are spent on blowing my nose. One day soon…

Random fact: Did you know that on a non-sick, normal day your body produces 2 cups of snot? I’m working on cup 18 right now. So it’s off to bed I go, but first a gift. This is the view from my front living room window:


4 thoughts on “Update

  1. Poor Christina! I am so sorry you are sick again! Are you blaming Tracy?? I have been praying for you! The girls had great time at “movie night.” I am sorry you had to miss it! They missed you!

    Did you get my message on your cell phone? Call me! Email me! or we can just chat here!

    Can’t wait for part 3!

    Love ya!

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