Just another sweaty boy – Part 2 (the novelty)

I have this fantasy about Nashville. I’ve never been there, but I’ve dreamed that it was everything you could ever want in a city. My best friend and I have had wild plans to road trip it to Nashville ever since we have lived together. Some of my favorite musicians live there and I’ve always secretly wanted to be a part of the music scene down there.

So when I was given the opportunity to enter into that world while being here in Upstate NY, I was thrilled. However ridiculous and embarrassing it is, here what made the Matt Wertz concert so awesome to me:

1. When I called Amanda back (see Part 1) I had officially made my first phone call to Nashville.

2. Upon the end of our conversation with Amanda, she said “Ok, so I’m going to call Matt and tell him that you girls are coming in to save his tail.” She was going to tell one of my favorite musicians about us. By name.

3. We were given Matt’s tour manager’s cell phone number (super-nice guy). Also a Nashville area code.

4. Before the show started I was handed the set list, and asked to keep it quiet. I then came home and washed it with my jeans before I could take a picture. I took a picture anyway.

5. I was able to meet and serve part of the Nashville mafia by selling merchandise to college kids.

6. When we finished selling stuff and were cleaning up, the tour manager came up to Cassi and I and asked us if we wanted their spring rolls from dinner that they hadn’t eaten. Matt Wertz’s leftovers? Yes please. They served a great purpose in keeping my stomach from imploding on the long drive home.

7. Matt actually said to me, “hey, thanks so much for helping out.”

So before you think I’m completely ridiculous and immature, I would just ask that you wait to make your judgments until you read Part 3. But for now, here are some photos:


Thanks Cassi for taking all the photos!

In other Nashville news, Dave Barnes has a new album coming out with his new label on April 1st. Word on the street is that it’s going to be stellar. Even more awesome than that photo of those spring rolls above. In the name of all that is Nashville, I’ve been asked to help spread the news of a bargain. If you pre-0rder Dave’s new CD Me and You and the World, Razor & Tie will give you a deal. Deal number one or deal number two. I think the BFF and I are going to opt for door #1. I haven’t told her that yet. Surprise!

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