Just another sweaty boy – Part 1 (the story)

A few weeks ago, while working on this post, I saw that Matt Wertz would be gracing Syracuse with himself and a friend on Tuesday the 12th of February. So, it’s not a secret that I’m a fan, so I asked around and found a friend to go with me to the concert. Syracuse is 2+ hours away, but for folks who drive an hour to the nearest Walmart, it’s an easy trip. After buying tickets from a guy who called himself, “Rob, the will-call” I knew this would be an event to write home about and started to get really excited.

Enter stage right: massive snowstorm.

Now winter and I are normally best buds, but not recently. That’s a post for another day. I told Cassi (an old roommate/new neighbor) early Tuesday afternoon that I was 99% sure we weren’t going. Syracuse was already getting snow, and it was just supposed to get worse through the evening. Cass was great about it; I was 50% sad, 50% glad that I no longer had to bail out on bible study. Three hours later I get an email from Wertz’s management asking if I would be willing to help sell merchandise at the show. Ex-squeeze me? Baking powder? I never thought I’d be saying this but, praise the Lord for Facebook.

My response: Amanda, It’s a dream come true – turned nightmare. I’d love to help you out in any way possible, but with the storm coming in I’m afraid I can’t make it to the show. I live 2 hours away and refuse to drive my tiny car in “heavy snow.” It really does break my heart to tell you no, and to even put it in writing that I can’t make it. I’ve always tried to catch a Wertz-show in my travels to Philly and was so excited that he was coming this far north.

My second response a mere 30 minutes later: Scratch that. I’m in. My friend Cassi can help too. We’re leaving now, so if the weather’s not too bad, we’ll be there well before the show. Can you call me when you get this? Thanks!

I had talked to Cassi, we talked to our respective bosses and decided to leave work early to beat the snow.

Enter stage left: Ridiculously random road trip.


So we made it to Syracuse in enough time to park and eat a quick dinner. Then we ran the merch table for Matt Wertz with two other lovely ladies, shook hands, kissed babies (just kidding about that one) and drove home.

Ah… the drive home… Words cannot express how silly we were when we decided to drive in a snowstorm. Just in case the weather was too bad I had called a friend in the area to see if we could stay with her, but when we left the show it wasn’t snowing. We decided to brave it and drive home. It was the right decision when we saw the weather the next morning but it still was pretty rough. Even though we didn’t see a single flake fall to the ground, the roads were still ridiculous. Depending on what county you were driving through they ranged from bad to really really bad.

At one point in time there was a deer on the side of the road and when I slowed down I lost control of the car (don’t worry Mama, I know now how to handle these situations). I said to Cassi, “Cass, I don’t have control of the car, and I sure don’t have control of that deer.” She responded, “Go away, deer,” in her “leave me alone, I’m grumpy” voice. It was pretty funny. Especially at 2:30am.

So we made it home safe, deer free, at 2:45 am. Would I do it again? Nope. Was the trip worth it? You’ll have to wait for Part 2 and Part 3 for the answer.

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