Mango Whip

Since the illness is still keeping me from concentrating on other things, I thought I’d give you a little tutorial for my new favorite recipe. Mango Whip. Sounds lovely, incredibly easy, and so healthy it doesn’t count as a dessert. Which is perfect for me since I’m only allowed two a week.

Ingredients: 2-3 mangoes and milk

First, peel your mangoes. This fruit has recently become one of my favorites, the more I eat them, the more I figure them out. You can use a peeler for them, but their skin is a bit thicker than an apple. Our peeler is ancient, so I just use a corrugated knife.



The fun thing about a ripe mango is that it’s super slick and slimy. It’s a ton of fun to handle. Next, you want to cut off all the “meat” from the pit. The trickiness: Mango pits are slightly different in each piece of fruit and they’re pretty indefinable. You can see from the picture below that they’re wide and skinny, running from the top to the bottom of the fruit. When your cutting away the fruit from the pit, you’ll know you’ve reached pit when you’ve hit some resistance. Cutting as close to that resistance with out cutting out some of the pit is the trick to getting as much “meat” as possible. This takes practice. At least it did for me.


After cutting up your mangoes, the next step is to puree them.


Now for the math. The recipe calls for 5 parts pureed mango to 1 part milk. I have three and a half cups of mango, so I added 3/4 cup of milk.


The last step is to stir well, and refrigerate. It’s best when chilled. The recipe also calls for serving it with a bit of whipped cream on top, but then it would count as a dessert, so it’s up to you. It also tastes like it sounds; mangoes and milk. Don’t be alarmed. Enjoy!


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