So, I woke up this morning feverish, achy, and beat. With it being a ridiculously busy weekend at the Hood, I prepared for work. Now I am at work, still feverish, achy, and beat.

It’s interesting what sorts of lessons you learn when you feel like this. First, my comfort needs to be found in the Lord. The one thing I want most right now is a simple hug; who wants to hug a sick girl? Another thing that would be lovely right now is the strength to do my job; it’s not there.

So rely on the Lord, I must. I also must say that as much as I hate being feverish, achy, and beat, I like being brought to this place. The place where you know that the Lord is asking you to fight for Him. Fight for righteousness, fight to remember promises we have in the Word. This is the place where I know that a failure to cling to Christ will result in more than aches and pains.  I must not wallow in self-misery; Christ didn’t.

Update: I’m still working on that long post. I’ll probably end  up breaking it into sections; a series, if you will. To wet your appetite,  I think it’ll be called, Just Another Sweaty Boy.

7 thoughts on “Sick

  1. … I would give a sick person hug….
    Actually, I think I’d give pretty much anyone a hug if they wanted one.
    But, seeing as I am not in NY right now, I guess you’ll have to see if you can’t find someone else. Sorry.

    I’ll be praying that you get better.
    It’s great that you’re relying on the Lord to be your strength though. ;)

  2. P.s. My first impulse was to yell at you to put yourself in bed and lay there until you felt better! I mean really, you have a fever and you’re working? What kind of person would I be if I didn’t order to straight back to bed? :P

    Okay, so I have this tendency to act like a mother sometimes…
    (some people here have actually nicknamed me ‘mommy’… lovingly though.)
    Yeah. need I say more?

  3. Hey, I would run over and give you a hug, but Ryan is on the roof right now and it is kind of freaking me out so I should stick around at least until he is done! So… *hug* to you and hope you feel better…heat up your heat pack and snuggle in tonight. Yucky weather.

  4. Thanks friends! The fever is gone, but I’m still exhausted. Praise the Lord for the day off. I’ll be spending most of it in bed, I think.

  5. Learish! I hopefully have a hunch on this “Another Sweaty Boy” blog. It better be Wertz and Davis night or I might cry. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this one! I’ve checked your blog like 6 times since the concert haha!! xoxo

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