Sweet tooth – a fondness for foods that are sweet.

Last Sunday, my discipler came up to me and said that she’s felt some conviction concerning myself and my lack of disciplined lifestyle, and that she’s going to challenge me in some areas and expects me to comply. She obviously said it in more words that I’ve taken to describe here and with more tact, but you get the point.

The plan is to work through some specific challenges each week and reward ourselves only if the ENTIRE challenge is completed. So we’re doing it together, but she gets to come up with the challenge. If she let me come up with the challenge, if would be somewhere along the lines of, “drink coffee every day and leave your room in shambles until it disgusts you.”

The Challenge:

-You’re allowed two desserts this week, choose wisely.

-Exercise twice, for 30 minutes each. If you exercise three times, you earn another shot at dessert.

-Pray every day that the Lord will help you love Him more and more.

-Pray for a different missionary every day. Use specific prayer requests from the missionary calendar.

-Read through the book of Hebrews. Twice.

-Pick someone who’s especially hard to love and pray for them every day. Find a way this week to do some kind of sacrificial good deed for that person.

So the biggest challenge so far has been the no desserts part. Not that I have dessert after dinner every night, but some types of snacks fall into this too and I have a serious sweet tooth. The hood’s homemade granola bar is amazing, but I can no longer have a tiny bit of it every morning. Or after lunch. Or mid-afternoon.

To help curb the sweet tooth, I’ve picked up a liking to chewing gum. It helps a lot even when I don’t have someone holding my taste buds accountable. So, I’ve clearly picked an excellent week to run out of gum. I never run out of gum, but I did this week. How irresponsible of me.

3 thoughts on “Sweet tooth – a fondness for foods that are sweet.

  1. Wow, you are really taking this seriously! I would have said the granola bar was okay!!!! (Not that I have eaten any….) I am glad you are. This has been a tough week for me. I think I may end up exercising my two times in one day…hehe. I have been praying for the Hendersons.

    Oh, I like your headder, by the way.


  2. Hey, I hope this challenge is going well. You’ve upped the accountability factor by posting about it-you are so brave. I’m sure that God will give you the grace to work through these things and fresh mercy each morning.

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