The Party

So you all remember the joint birthday party. Here are some highlights:part1.jpg

Our youngest attender was Chloe; she’s pretty much the cutest thing on two legs. Even though smiling wasn’t an option when we took this photo, she’s a ham. The lovely lady laughing is Ang, who is married to the other half of the party. She put a lot of effort into the party and the cakes. Thanks Ang!

As you remember, Mike and I are not from the same country and tried to play off that for the party. So, I made t-shirts. His said, “The Canadian,” and mine, “The American.” Naturally, I really messed up on his shirt, and mine is just fine. One of these days, I’ll take you through the process of screen printing and you’ll see why it’s easy to botch a shirt.

The invitations said, “Birthday presents welcome,” so these balloons made it into our hands. They’re a re-gift from someone else’s birthday two weeks before. Rock on. Thanks Brian. Thanks Tracy for opening up your home!


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