Kiki – this comes from my mom’s side of the family. When my cousin was first learning to speak, he couldn’t quite get out the three syllables in my name, so Kiki is what worked.

Firtia – this comes from my immediate family. Different cousin, same concept. This one sticks a little firmer than Kiki, and it’s a personal favorite for my brother. There’s an argument between he and I on how it’s actually spelled.

xtina – this is from college. My junior year, some friends and I would go out and karaoke every week. My crooning buddies dubbed me this, and my pastor somehow picked up on it. Since then, I’ve been promoting it by signing emails and short notes with just an ‘x’. It is so much easier to write and type than Christina.

Christinabobina – ahh… bobina. This hails from my office. I had a roommate for 4 months before she got married, who now works in the same office I do. Now a bunch of people at the hood refer to me as Christinabobina. Very professional. Also, said office-mate always says that she can’t wait until she meets Mr. Bobina. Same here, my dear friend, same here.

So why all this nickname talk? To announce that I’m writing this from my bedroom with my newly installed wireless internet!

The company who supplies the web up here (they have the monopoly in this area) also gave me a brand new email address. I’m not sure what I want to do with it yet because after creating it they promptly sold it to the highest bidder (there was spam in my inbox before I signed on for the first time), but the address is awesome.


You should email me your nicknames.

3 thoughts on “nicknames

  1. Hey, Kiki is my nickname too! Same reason. My sister couldn’t pronounce my name. My niece gave it a new twist by calling me Chee Chee. AJ calls me Congdon sometimes. My mom calls me lots of embarrassing things, but I’m not going to tell you, because somehow I know you will come up to my desk and say “Hi, [Embarrassing Name].” So, we’ll stick with c3.

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