Just Call Me the “Professor”

Today is the day, my friends. I would like to do a social study. A study in the social economics of my blog, if you will.

The “Site Meter” you see on the right side of this page tells me where my readers are located, but nothing more. Since I know where people are reading from, I’m super-curious to see who’s reading.

So your job: Leave a comment, letting me know your “name” and where you’re from.  For example, if your name is Harold Crick and you’re reading from your friend’s apartment in Chicago, let me know.

If my hypotheses are correct, we should see some readers from all over the world. I’m sure you’re all dying to know who’s reading my blog over in India. But the only way to know, is if you participate. My assumption that the snowball effect will come into play here. And peer pressure.

Comment away. All the cool kids are doing it.

7 thoughts on “Just Call Me the “Professor”

  1. What a coincidence…I live in the Adirondack Mountains too! Maybe I have seen you around? What a small world!

    I love your blog, Christina!

  2. Hey I’m Hannah,

    I am currently in my bedroom… in Toalmas, Hungary.
    (But the last time I was in the states I was in the Adirondacks.)

    Love you blog by the way.
    Especially the posts about your trip to the Bahamas. Before my family moved here we were at the ALC… so it was nice to see “home” again.

  3. I’m a reader and live in northern NJ. I stumbled on your blog a while ago while doing a search on Camp of the Woods. We vacation in Lake Pleasant weekends during the summer and get to Camp everyday when there. As a matter of fact, I met my wife there on a singles retreat 11 years ago this month so it’ll always have a warm spot in my heart! Talk about God having a plan. I check in regularly to see if there’s anything mentioned about what’s going on up in that neck of the woods.

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