I cleaned my room

I cleaned my room tonight and decided to take you along for the ride.


As you can see, the room clearly needed some help after a long weekend of working at the hood. But the clean room is fantastic. Someday, I’ll show you the new house, but we’re not quite done decorating yet.

So, some of my favorite things here are my new duvet cover that I acquired for $9.99, my antique desk chair that I paid all of $6.00 plus tax for and those hangy-things that you see hanging from the shelf on my wall which I paid nothing for, because I made them.

4 thoughts on “I cleaned my room

  1. Hey,
    Nice organizing/cleaning. The desk would be my favorite part because I LOVE it when I clean off my desk. And we have the same chair at our desk. Weird. I also like the duvet, hangy things, etc.

  2. Where did you get that nice chair for six bucks!? I love cleaning my room like that, although it never is quite THAT bad (HA)…don’t let Barb see it like that! She might faint…then come clean it for you!

  3. HAHAHA Tracy! You are so very funny! I love the abuse I take from my friends! I am so glad that I never dish it out…only take it!

    Nice job, Christina! My first thought was, “Don’t you share with Adrian? What does her side look like?”

    Beth would be so proud of you!

    (Still tearing and sniffing!)

    Love the chair!

  4. I didn’t think it would be appropriate to show you her side of the room, maybe she’ll share it some day. There’s a piece of “art” on her side that I threw together in 20 minutes that I’d like to show you, but not today.

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