Merry Christmas

So, yesterday I spent most of the day on the train traveling to my folk’s house in Delaware. When I got off the train, I had an impulsion to say, “Imagine being able to be magically whisked away to … Delaware. Hi, I’m in Delaware.” The great thing about the train is that I didn’t have to worry about traffic or falling asleep at the wheel or missing an exit. When I finally got here, I was in a good mood. That never happens after 6 hours of driving. I must tell you that little bit of relief has made vacation that much better. I have highway freedom now that I don’t have the drive home looming over me.

But anyway, back to Christmas. Today is the 23rd, we had a pseudo-Christmas celebration with my extended family today since we all won’t be together on the real Christmas. What my family does is has all the adults pull names from a hat or basket or round thing you can pull names from and everyone just buys a present for their named paper. My grandfather pulled my name, which normally means my grandmother buys my present, but this year he picked it out. It is by far, my favorite present I never asked for. It’s a baby blue, LL Bean, half-zip fleece. It’s the right size and the greatest color. I love it!

So if you haven’t read my “Guest Blogger” post below, read it! Then comment! Please. (-:


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