Sorry Barb

So, I tried to write Bahamian Post #3, but couldn’t. Sometimes the juices are flowing, sometimes they’re not. Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that I’m on my work computer, but I can’t do it.

Life has been a bit hectic this past week. I moved over the weekend in the middle of my roommate’s birthday company. The new apartment is great; it has windows (we called the last place the batcave). We don’t have internet yet (maybe at all depending on the cost), so I’m severely behind on emails and writing actual Bahamian updates for my supporters.

I have Thanksgiving day photos and Christmas tree photos to share, but no patience to run them through photoshop tonight.

I’m a terrible blogger, sorry friends. Maybe this weekend.

6 thoughts on “Sorry Barb

  1. Sorry are an old married women…so you aren’t why am I going? LOL

    Hey Christina..I tagged you for a Christmas MEME…your wonderful friend Tracy did it first!

  2. Ladies….please. There will be no cyber-arguing on my chunk of the world-wide-web!

    Just kidding. You all love each other, I know. Thanks for loving me too!

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