Bahamian Post 2

When we first arrived in Nassau, we were swept off to a public school to help the Adventure Learning Centre with Adventure Club, their weekly after-school program. The fun thing about all the schools down there, is that they’re all required to wear uniforms, even public schools. It makes for fun pictures.


The great thing about the Bahamas is that they’re a Christian country, it’s in their constitution. So folk like the missionaries at the ALC are allowed to go into classrooms and share the gospel. It’s very different from the States in that regard. I actually felt odd when we presented Christ to the kids; like I was breaking the law or something. It was great.

Because the nation is a “Christian” nation, what I’ve found is that Christianity to the Bahamians is completely culture. They know the Bible stories, they know the gospel, they respond to the gospel when they’re presented with it because it’s all they know; it’s their culture.  It’s what they’re told to do.

What happens with a culture like that? The kids grow up thinking that going to church and singing songs on a Sunday morning is what makes them “ok,” then they go living very sin-filled lives every other day of the week. They don’t make the connection between going to church and living holy, Christ-exalting lifestyles. There’s no relationship with the King in their lives, which is why the ALC is there. They teach the kids about God’s creation (more on that in another post) and  present them with the whole gospel; including the part about sin and repentance.

Pray for the Bahamian people. Pray that lights would begin shining in the dark corners of their culture. The Lord wants to answer those prayers, we just have to be faithful to pray them.

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