We are in Nassau, safe, warm and having a blast. I will write more if I get the chance, but it’s much more difficult to do internet things than I thought.

Short story to wet your appetite: We flew from Syracuse to Philly and from PHL to Nassau. I was excited about  landing in PHL because I wanted to see the skyline (I lived there for 3 years). It was so foggy, that when we landed, we didn’t see anything until we hit the runway. All I saw of “philly” were the people working at the airport. Sad. Not the people, the skyline.


2 thoughts on “Here

  1. We continue to pray for you all! I miss my girl, yet rejoice knowing where she is, who she is with, what she is doing, and, most importantly, WHO she is serving! Give her our love! We keep missing her calls, if someone can give us a good time to call to catch her, we would do so! We are home tonight! I love you Macaela!! Keep your heart and eyes upon Jesus! Serve only HIM…not man! Serve HIM with every fiber in you! You are greatly love and missed!

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