This is for Barb

So, today was the day of social engagements. Church, lunch with pseudo-family, goodbye party for a lovely couple, youth group, all-girl goodbye party of 50% of the lovely couple, bed.

It’s always fun when you find out who reads your blog. Today I was talking to a lovely woman from my church (who just happens to be the mother of one of the girls traveling to the Bahamas with me on WEDNESDAY!) who told me that she stumbled upon my blog and loved it (tear). But then she told me that I haven’t written anything in a few days (I know this) and that I need to write something. Fine.

Someone else told me to blog the other day, and it was really funny. My church had their men’s retreat at the hood this past weekend, and I hear the speaker was amazing. I was walking out of work, while all the men were registering and Al invited me to hang out for a few minutes. I quickly told him that there were too many men in the lobby for me to handle and that I needed to leave (obviously kidding, if you know me at all). He told me to go home and blog about it.  So here I am, blogging about it two days late; sorry Al.

The reasoning behind my lack of writing has everything to do with the Bahamas. I’m extremely busy getting work done and preparing for the trip, so this site is low on the priorities for the next few days. I do miss it, and I’ve got tons of things floating around in my head that will eventually end up here, I promise.

I leave for my first mission trip ever on Wednesday, and I will not be back until the following Tuesday upon which I will try to cram 18 hours of work into a 10 hour time period then travel to Delaware for Thanksgiving. That’s when you’ll hear from me again. While my mom is slaving away in the kitchen, I’ll be hiding from dog dander and collecting my thoughts from the trip.

Farewell until then, and I apologize for this completely pointless post.

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