Today’s date is October 28, 2007; every year I’ve lived in the Adirondacks it has snowed before Halloween. This year, however, we’ve had a very mild fall. Last week I think I remember it hitting 75 degrees, so I was sure I wouldn’t see snow before the end of the month.

Wrong! Today, out of the blue, I walked outside and saw white things falling from the sky. I first thought it was dust, but nope; it was falling like rain but slower and white. Snow indeed! Granted, it was way too warm out for it to even reminisce on the ground and it didn’t even snow that hard, but it still counts.

So I’ve got a rule, that I can’t listen to Christmas music until it snows, which makes Christmas music hard to listen to in Delaware since it never snows until early February. Up here in Speculator, however, we get snow before October 31st every year. I’m listening to Christmas music right now; and I’m loving it.

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