My Saturday

So, Saturday was a pretty excitingly busy day for me so I thought I would share it with you in a visual format. AND the pictures uploaded in the wrong order, since I do not have the patience to re-upload them, you and I will have to deal with it.

Here, I’m cooking a birthday dinner for my friend Adrienne. Birthday dinners are a big deal in my family so I spent most of the day on a masterpiece.

This is the birthday girl and I. As you can see, she’s very excited about her authentic stir fry. For the record: I can never eat fake Chinese food again.

For her a present, I silk-screened a t-shirt. I recently bought a silk-screen press for my own shirts and love making them. Sometime soon I’ll take you through the process, it’s quite fun.

Adrienne’s nickname is Age. Urmi, is the Swahili word for Age. Age recently spent a semester in Tanzania and knows quite a bit of Swahili; I had to tell her what Urmi meant.

Upon cleaning my press in the tub, I realized the drain was draining a tad slow, so I took some initiative and cleaned it. The long white thing sitting in the tub is a Zipper; it’s the only thing that thoroughly cleans drains (unless of course you throw up during the process, then you’d have to clean the drain with something else). The mouse looking thing is hair and scum. It was actually larger than your typical mouse, more like a rat-sized ball of hair. The drain works nicely now.

The authentic stir fry was made in an authentic wok. The wok hadn’t been used in 6 or so years, so it needed to be re-seasoned. Seasoning a wok is the process of heating it up, burning oil into it and cooling it down; the process needs to be repeated over and over again until the wok turns black.

This is the wok, during the seasoning process, I think I heated it twice more after I took this photo. Burning the oil in to the wok keeps your food from sticking to it. Newer woks don’t need this, but since this belonged to my dad before me, it’s older and tastier.

This is the culmination of about 2 hours of prep-work (spread out throughout the afternoon) and some creativity. The dish: Broccoli and Chicken Stir Fry. The beverage: Iced Tea with Mango. It was such a great night of birthday fun.

5 thoughts on “My Saturday

  1. That, that, DRAIN PICTURE…GROSS! Nasty, yucky…ugh…………WHY was that in the middle of all your yummy dinner pictures?

  2. Oh yea, it wasn’t supposed to be in the middle of my dinner pictures, but I did clean out the drain. Since it was one of the highlights of my day, I added the photo in. One of these days, I’m going to get the pictures in the right order….

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