I have a twin sister. We live 6 hours apart.

When I tell people about my twin, I normally get the same questions: “What’s it like being a twin?” “Did you guys grow up wearing the same outfits?” “Did you ever play tricks on people?” “Do you have twin ESP?” “Are you guys best friends?”

I get asked these questions a lot, so I’ve had time to refine my answers. I really don’t know what it’s like not being a twin. We wore similar outfits with different colors, Jenn always wore blue or purple, I always wore red or pink. We never played tricks on people and we don’t have ESP, I can’t read her mind, and we hardly understand each other.

One of the things that surprise people the most about my relationship with my sister is our teenage years….We hated each other. I’m talking backstabbing, fistfights, hated each other. If you asked us, we’d both tell you that I’m the good twin and she’s the evil one. When it came to us fighting, she would always win, because I was too much of a weenie to stand up for myself. We started getting along again after I moved out of the house for college. My theory about our adolescence is that we both went through the normal “teenage identity crisis” with the exact same person right there. How do you figure out who you “are” when there’s someone just like you living in the same house? Fistfights, my friends, fistfights.

These pictures are from her trip up to the Adirondacks this summer. The first one is us standing on Lake George, the second is by far, my favorite picture of the summer and the third is my sister’s boyfriend having some fun with her camera. Even he knows…..

This last one is from last fall, I put it in because we look more like twins here. I lover her dearly and wish we lived closer.

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