Pimp my List

So, some friends of mine and I have decided to each put together a “30 Before 30” list, where we set 30 goals to accomplish before we turn 30. I need help! I’ve only got a few goals on my list and want your ideas! Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1) Travel to Africa
2) Hike a high peak
3) Get a real massage
4) Finish reading all the Sherlock Holmes stories
5) Publish a book
6) Get married
7) Get a masters degree, or be working toward it
8) Play a hockey game with full pads
9) See the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

As you can see, my list is quite small and needs your help.

Disclaimer: This list does not and will not define who I am; if I accomplish nothing on list list I am still a sinner saved by grace through faith. Glorifying God is my main goal, so if that means abandoning my fun, I will. In the cross alone I glory.

5 thoughts on “Pimp my List

  1. Oh, and I love your headder. When I clicked onto your blogg it was still the old one, but after commenting it was the new one…weird.

  2. I was planning on getting through the book before Christmas…not before 30! Are you able to keep up with the homework?

    Ah…yes, the new header. I like it too. If anyone reading this (other than Tracy) still sees pretty flowers at the top of the page, hit refresh and say goodbye to pretty flowers.

  3. This is a greart idea. I will have to create a list of my own like this. Of course, I have less than 3 years before I turn 30, so I don’t have nearly as much time as you!

  4. Dan, there’s a 30-before-30 plan for everyone. Yours just has to be simpler like, “wash car, shave head.” You’ll be done in no time at all.

    I’m glad to hear you’re still alive (-:

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