I Won a Bet

During the summer here at the hood, there’s a chapel service every day except Saturday. In order to make the music easier to manage, we group songs in “packages.” One morning I was eating breakfast with one of the musicians and we made a bet. We both guessed what chapel package we were going to do that morning. If I lost, and Pete was closer (the packages are numbered) I would have to make sweet tea.

Well, I won and Pete had to write me a song. I knew that his end of the bargain was more weighted than mine, so I told him it could be instrumental. Two weeks later I made the same bet with two other guys who lost. Now Pete, D-Wayne, and Damon all had to write me a song. I told them they could work together on one song, so life would be easier on them. Peter has been playing the piano since he could breathe and is going to school for violin performance because the piano is too easy. D-Wayne is finishing his masters in bassoon performance and Damon is in undergrad studying vocal performance (I think). This song was going to be awesome.

They never wrote me a song.

The only thing worse than losing a bet, is winning a bet and not reaping the benefits. Lame, guys….. very lame.

However, I received a CD today that I’m totally accepting as payment. It’s titled, “Silly Songs” by Toph, Pete, Damon & Graham. The first two tracks (after the lovely prelude) are “Damon sings the CAMP-of-the-WOODS brochure.” And he does a lovely job, I might add. My favorite is the “Prices are Subject to Change” aria. Just lovely.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m the graphic designer here at the hood; I eat and breath the CAMP-of-the-WOODS brochure for 3 months out of the year. That is why I am accepting this disc as payment for the bets.

The End

Note: I often call CAMP-of-the-WOODS, camp of the hood. Which is why I’m constantly saying “here at the hood.” Just to clear things up, Camp is the furthest thing from a ‘hood’ ever. Since I once lived in the ghettos of Northern Philadelphia, I feel that I have the license to joke about the stark contrast of my recent living environments.

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