Ice Skating in August

As I mentioned in my last post, I LOVE to ice skate. So this summer, some friends and I took a road trip to the Lake Placid Olympic Arena to get some exercise.

I’m a pretty aggressive skater, so I was trying to show off at one point in time and tripped over the toe of my left skate and bit it pretty hard. After falling, my friends immediately skated up to me with grave concern on their faces. Apparently, during my fall I was mid-air, in superman position. Unfortunately when I fell my body didn’t hit the ice at the same time, and my knee took most of the weight. I took pictures of the bruise, but they’re pretty awkward, so I’ll spare you. My knee swelled up and bruised almost immediately and we’re pretty sure I that I pulled and bruised a ligament. (Which, Mama if you’re reading this, is probably the same one I tore playing soccer.)

So I continued to ice skate (duh) and sought medical advice later.

We had a good time ice skating in August and it got me pumped up for the winter here when I can skate for free any time I want (except for when I can’t).

All my friends are leaving soon. It’s bittersweet because their departure means that summer is almost over and I will be able to rest sometime soon. I will miss them though.

This is a picture of Chris racing Arlin. You can see that Chris was clearly beating Arlin while skating backwards. Please also note Arlin’s shorts. Sweetness.

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