Random Ideas

1)I’ve decided to marry an auto mechanic/pastor/handyman/photographer/musician who’s not a weenie. Does anyone know of a man like that? Or maybe I’ll marry an amazing man who may fall short of these things and let the Church be the Church. He definitely cannot be a weenie though. Because I’m a redhead(ish) who needs wrangling sometimes.

Note: When I say that he must not be a weenie, I’m not saying it out of bitterness for someone, I am merely just recognizing the general state of men my age in our culture today.

2)I’ve spent years developing the art of not being “that girl”. Some of it’s Biblical, some of it’s pride. The pride comes in when people assume that I’m just like all other women. It frustrates me. I do not think like most women today. I try very hard to think logically, absent from my ever-fluctuating emotions. When it comes to tough situations, I attempt to put all things in the context of God’s moral will for our lives instead of defaulting to my culture’s moral will. I practice discernment in all my relationships and conversations, attempting to honor the Lord in all things.

3) I am a failure. Being a woman, I often fall into the”gospel of perfectionism” and rely fully on my emotions and other’s opinions to make decisions and react to circumstances. I think way to much about how my clothing makes me look in front of others, especially other women. Far too often I become prideful about the things listed in item #2.

4) I miss my best friend. We live 6 hours away from each other and never get to talk because of our conflicting schedules. She’s the most amazing woman and I’m extremely grateful for her in my life.

5) The inspection on my car ran out in February. Oops. In Delaware, they remind you. Apparently they don’t do that in New York.

6) Ron Cline spoke here at Camp last week. He did a series about being the hands and voice of Jesus. Wednesday he told us the story of how he met his wife. Prior to meeting her, he had done a lot of “shopping.” One day, he realized that he was going to have to find a woman who was going to fully support him in his ministry. When he did meet his wife, God told him that he was going to spend the rest of his life with her, so he told her that and gave her time to think about it. A few weeks later, she said “ok.” They never dated.
After hearing him describe some of the men he looked up to and their wives who did not support their ministry fully, I realized that that’s the kind of wife I do NOT want to be. I also do not want a husband who will not support my desire for ministry fully. I want my marriage to be a team-effort when it comes to ministry.

7) I really want to be a pastor’s wife. All of the things that come with that lifestyle, scare me but at the same time excite me. Small salary? Rely on the Lord for providence. Everyone relying on you for emotional support? Rely on the Lord for providence. Everyone expecting you to be perfect? They shouldn’t be if my husband’s doing his job.

8) Ultimately I want my future to rest in the Lord’s hands. He is preparing me for the future right now and I want to be faithful to the work he’s doing in my heart.

9) I love to ice skate and play hockey. It would be nice to marry a Canadian. Or move somewhere where they appreciate the sport.

10) Photography is ruining my wrist. The weight of Camp’s camera is tearing apart the innards of my my right wrist. Constant pain and weakness attack it and my ability to hold a camera steady. I’m working on a new way to hold the camera. I’ve also realized that when I do find the funds to purchase my own camera, it will have to be lighter.

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