My Mom is Competative

This has to be the coolest care package I’ve ever seen. My mom went all out with the random-love. So, you can see what’s included in the package (t-shirt, book of riddles, a plethera of candy, cookie & brownie mix, pictures from my bro’s graduation, cracker jacks and a frame with different verses to put in it). BUT what you can’t see from the photo, is the box’s awesomeness. Not only is it covered in stickers and lined with pretty paper, it plays a song upon opening! My mom tore apart one of those cards that play a song when you open them and installed it in my box. “What song,” you say? All-Star by Smashmouth. Yes, apparently I’m an all-star and I should be getting paid for it.

When I opened it up in front of my co-workers, I came up with the brilliant idea to give one of them a theme song. So every time one particular office-mate came into the office, I played my box as if to announce his entrance. He somehow turned it around and wrangled some everlasting gobstoppers out of it.

Thanks mama! You take home the cake with this one. Feel free to comment on how perfect the t-shirt is for me.

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