Mail Love

Here at COTW, aka “the hood” we’ve got more and more summer staff coming in. As they’re coming in, so are the care packages. It’s great to know that your family is thinking of you enough to bake cookies and send letters from all your siblings. It’s also fun when friends send random packages with goodies and randomness inside.

So if you’re reading this and you live more than an hour away from me, you should probably send me a care package. We’ll make it a contest. I’ll post pictures of the package and write something nice about the sender for 1) the furthest traveling package and 2) the coolest package.

If you don’t know my address or can’t think of a way to get my address, you probably shouldn’t be sending a package to me anyway. Hint: there are clues to my address hidden within my blog; pretend it’s a treasure hunt.

Please note: I am completely aware that all of 4 people read my blog, and 2 of them live within a 10-mile radius from my home. So, it’s very important that those other two people (cough* mom and amy) send something.

Happy mailing!

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