I wrote this back in December. I’m cleaning up my computer and decided to post it.

I cannot let this evening pass without putting some thoughts down. You know how it goes, “Oh, I’ll remember all that happened tomorrow and write some of it down then.” Nope. It never happens that way. Sure, I’ll remember all of this in the morning, but the emotions will be different. I’ll be grumpy and not yielding to the Spirit.

On that note, tonight one of my pastor’s and his wife had a party for the single folk at our church. Our church consists of maybe 150 warm bodies on a Sunday morning, so the single’s group is only so big. I guess Nate and Kim unofficially started the single’s ministry tonight. First, we had an ice breaker, if you will. Only we all know each other pretty well, so it was more of a ‘get to know each other better’ session. Then we played this awesome game called Imagine-if. It was so funny. Then around 9 pm, we watched a movie. Full-length, two hours later, we finished the evening with a lengthy discussion on pride and boldness and selfishness and humility. It was awesome.

Some of the questions raised:

Is there a difference between serving the Lord and ministering to unbelievers?

Does it matter how we are perceived by others when we are following the Lord’s will?

Are all critiques true?

How does humbleness fit in with a boldness for righteousness?

How can we practically get the focus off ourselves?

Those last two questions were the ones I asked. The first of those was answered in a round-about way with “it’s about your attitude and where your heart is.” That’s a bit vague for someone like me who loves to solve world hunger in one sitting, but I moved on and the answer for question two was great.

What are some ways that we can practically become less selfish?

Stop gossiping. Gossiping sets up walls between people. We’re automatically going around and judging people and then telling others to judge them in the same way. We set up barriers. I lived with a set of girls in college who were always talking about me behind my back. That set up walls in my heart against every roommate I’ve ever had after that. Every time I hear my roommates talking in another room, I automatically assume they’re chatting it up about me. All of a sudden, we have communication errors, just because I moved in.

Setting up a community where you know you won’t be judged and gossiped about, opens up avenues for God to slowly take your focus off of yourself, and place it upon Him. You’re not constantly worrying about other people or what that girl thinks of my hair today. That mind-set is 100% brought about by the Holy Spirit and yielding to Him.

I think that’ll be our new endeavor as singles living and working together, we’ll see how it goes.

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