I watched Hotel Rwanda the other day for the second time. I didn’t realize until about halfway through the movie, how much of it I had forgotten from my first viewing.

There’s one line in it that stuck with me. I kept thinking about it all the way through the rest of the movie. There’s a scene where a UN general is talking to Paul, the manager of the hotel. The general is telling Paul about the western mindset and why no one is coming to help stop the genocide. He says, “You’re worse than black. You’re not even a n-gg-r. You’re African.”

Sometimes I’m naive enough to think that these movies don’t have politics behind them. I love that they’re being made. Hotel Rwanda, Blood Diamond, The Interpreter, they’re changing the way America looks at Africa. It’s giving “Big, Bad Africa” an actual face to put with the horror stories. Seeing it is much more convicting and heart-wrenching that reading a sign during some rally, like that line John Mayer wrote about in that song, “Is there anyone who ever remembers changing their mind from the paint on a sign? Is there anyone who really recalls ever breaking rank at all for something someone yelled real loud one time?”

Sometimes I shake my fist at Hollywood, other times Hollywood and I are buddies. This is one of those times.

On another note, I recently was voted in as a member of my church. It was one of the coolest things ever. After the other members voted me in, I high-fived a friend who had just been voted in too. It was the first time anyone had been high-fived upon church membership at Adirondack Bible Chapel, so I think it’s safe to say that my particular membership is historical.

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