Rant – to speak or write in an angry or violent manner.

Every chick-flick ever made, should be burned. Ok, I’ll compromise. Single women should not be aloud to watch or buy chick-flicks.

Behind the really sweet story-line, is an attempt to make us thoroughly dissatisfied with our current state of marital status. Through Hollywood’s attempts to make our emotions soar up and down, we’re letting Satan creep in and take our thoughts down paths we normally don’t allow. “Oh, I’d love to fall in love like that….Why can’t the guys I know just act like that”…..and, my personal favorite, “what’s wrong with me?”

Some people can watch these movies and aren’t affected by them. Most of those people are married. I however, am not. Have you ever had someone ask you a question about something and you knew you were supposed to feel something towards either side of your possible answer, but for some reason you don’t feel anything? Well, that happened me today when a friend attempted to ‘catch up’ and asked me how I felt about a particular young gentleman. This afternoon, I didn’t feel anything for any young gentlemen (which, isn’t normal for me, by any means). I wasn’t feeling anything until I watched “While You Were Sleeping”.

Stupid chick-flicks. I hate dying to my flesh, but I need to. I have to let go. I can’t afford to let it separate me from my Lord.

They should make you flash your marriage license when you go to see or buy a chick-flick.

Stupid sin.

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