my friends are funny

this story comes from Kit’s xanga.

I Wanted To Be Cool

I’m still learning a lot about the different jobs I have …

At Hope Publishing Company, we have a lot of company celebrations. For example, we actually celebrated Boss’ Day a couple of weeks ago. Really, who does that?! But we did – had a whole mini-fiesta and everything. Not to mention that we got off of work early that day. I think we should celebrate our bosses more often.

This led me to expect that we really do celebrate holidays pretty much all-or-nothing at Hope. When my co-worker Janice, therefore, brought up to me that everyone at work dressed up for Halloween, and since Halloween happened to be (at that time) tomorrow, I figured I ought to get cracking. I didn’t want to be the slacker-loser who shows up in his blue jeans and t-shirt as a “web designer.” No one buys that. I figured I needed to get something good for the next day.

Fortunately, when I woke up this morning, I remembered that I had a cape from last March hiding out in my closet. I used it for my Phantom of the Opera outfit when I helped out at Ginger and Joel’s recital. And, sure enough, the box with the mask for The Phantom happened to be in a convenient spot on the floor of the same closet that had been hiding the cape. With these and a dressy outfit, I thought I was actually doing rather impressively for less than 24 hours notice.

I got to work, and the closest anyone else was to dressed up for Halloween was a guy in the shipping room wearing an orange Rex Grossman jersey.

Janice had lied to me, lied! But everyone else thought it was pretty funny, and I eventually got over the fact that I had definitely been fooled. I wore the cape and mask for the rest of the day anyways – and people were still coming up to me, asking what was going on with the outfit at 2 in the afternoon.

Yes, I got laughed at. But I got to go home at 2:40 instead of 4:30 … bwah hah hah!

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