I was reminded yesterday of how much God desires and loves to bless His children. My roommate and I went and visited a friend in Connecticut. He’s a grad student at Yale, and lives in the most amazing location I’ve ever seen a poor college student live.

To be honest, I was nervous about going out there. I was nervous that Kim and I wouldn’t get along. I was nervous that staying in the spare bedroom of a house full of boys was going to be awkward. I was nervous for another reason too, but I dare not say it out loud for fear of everyone thinking I’m silly.

Anyway, it turned out to be the greatest two days I’ve ever had. I won’t get into details, but highlights of the weekend were: some serious fellowship between Kimmee and I, turning a regular old dining room in to a quaint italian bistro, watching the sun set on a beach, Josh’s directions, Josh’s roommates, amazing conversations about music history, God and forensic science, and much much more.

Kim and I walked away from those two days completely refreshed (even though we got 4 hours of sleep), and rejuvenated. The word for our time out there was, “ridiculous.” Yale is ridiculously beautiful. The boy’s place was ridiculously placed on the beach for the most ridiculous view ever. It was ridiculously cold in their house. God is ridiculously good to us.

I took only a few pictures because I had the bad camera and it pained me to take pictures with it. I also forgot to take pictures at Yale. You’ll just have to hop on their website to see what it looks like.

I also received a bit of a sun burn sitting on the beach. That was awesome.

Life is ridiculously good.

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