Why do I always seem to like boys that live so far away? I’m not talking about long-distant relationships, those can be worked through. I have long-distance crushes.

How lame is that? It is because I live in the middle of nowhere? Or is it because I’m sub-conciously sabotaging my love life? Either way the question that keeps popping up in my head: is it practical? How practical is it to desire the attention of a boy that lives 12 – 31.5 hours from you?

Answer that question any way you wish, but the next question is: is it fair to bring practicality into the game? Can love be practical, or is that all love is?

Is Jesus practical? No, he is not. Being the grey sheep of the family, working in full-time ministry for little money, and getting up early to go to church on Sunday is not practical.

Is Jesus worth it? Yes, yes He is. Paul seemed to think so. As did John, the brother of Jesus. At the beginning of Revelation John refers to himself as a bondservant of Christ. It blows me away the humility there. Notice he didn’t say, “brother of the one and only holy God!” A slave, is what he compared himself to. Most of those guys were martyred because they knew He was worth it.

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