What is it about boys with guitars that make me so weak in the knees? It could be that I stood up for five hours straight while listening to one of the best concerts I’ve seen in a while. (If you’re keeping track with my blog, you’ll see that I just saw John Mayer in concert)

Anyway, vacation is going well… There are so many things to tell. First, I had Wawa coffee and a tastykake with my dinner tonight. That made my week. There are so many things that I’ve done this week that I haven’t done since…well, the last time I was down here. Amy and I tried to eat Chick-fil-a for lunch, and remembered it was Sunday. Sad. We might thrift shop in the morning, but I might pass. I’m poor.

I went to my old church this morning. It was great to see old faces. People I’ve built into and who have built into me. It was great to sing familiar songs and be surrounded by the folks I knew so well in college.

My family tried to take family photos last night. That was a mess. There are at least two people in my family that are ‘eye closers’. No need to mention names, but it made the situation more aggravating. It’s always a bigger hassle when you’re dealing with family. Why is that? (I know I asked the question, but I’m going to answer too) I think it’s because we don’t care about each other’s feelings. You just say things to get them to react the way you want in the shortest amount of time, and don’t care about the repercussions of your words, because it’s family. They’re stuck with you.

Anyway, back to boys with guitars….God created music. There’s something that strikes deep within our souls when we hear it. Why? The same reason a flower makes you ponder perfection and mountain tops reveal to you a larger glory than you could ever imagine from the road. God’s creation is beautiful! Satan is always perverting it, but every once in a while, you get blindsided. In my case, boys with guitars from Nashville!

In the case of most girls, they have that stirring in their hearts and point it in the direction of the boy/guitar instead of their Creator. It’s Satan’s plan, it has been all along. Diversion. If you can’t curse them, divert them. Stupid girls.

Well, I’ve got more thoughts, they’ll make more sense if I wait until a later date when I’m not so tuckered out. Matt Wertz can do that to a girl.

Peace out yo.

One thought on “randomness

  1. Now that you put this info out here, a lot more boys will be picking up the guitar, I’m betting…
    Good to read your blog and see what’s happening in your life! Miss you down here in Philly!

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