What is a bucket? Better question: What is a buckethead? A buckethead is a person who is completely blind to the world of beautiful members of the opposite sex around them. Ex: your buddy who doesn’t seem interested in any of the amazing women in your social circle, or your lady friend who has no clue that that cute boy is flirting with her. A buckethead, better put, is someone who is socially unaware of members of the opposite sex.

You might have a bucket if…
– you are surrounded by single Godly, gorgeous men or women yet you claim ‘there is no one I’m interested in’.
– you’re really into snowboarding, or drag racing, or NASCAR or something of the like,
– you don’t ask anyone out, because you’re afraid you’ll mess it up.
– you believe you’re not beautiful
– you frequently spend Friday nights without any members of the opposite sex around.
– you are waiting to be perfect to remove your bucket
– you have social anxiety problems such as stuttering, excessive sweating, nervous shifting of your body, twitching, nail biting, face touching around members of the opposite sex.
– you run away when members of the opposite sex approach you.
– you pass up 4 million opportunities to be in a relationship claiming you are ‘waiting on God’.
– you prefer members of the same sex at all times, in all places.
– you are waiting for your future mate to have ‘future mate’ written on their forehead or a blinking arrow or writing in the sky.

I found an article explaining this new phenomenon and urging people to peek out of under their buckets. It’s very good, and I encourage the 3 of you to read it.


Check out the website too, it’s good.

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